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Here at Document Management Services we are committed to your financial rehabilitation and achieving - your goals and dreams of a better, brighter financially stable future. Our talented and experienced team will work closely with you through every aspect of this process. We are happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. Please feel free to call us at 1-877-224-2062 or email us at info@docmsvs.com at any time.

At Document Management Services, being your advocate is our mission and your brighter future, our goal!

Some of Our Services

For a full listing on all our services please contact us today at 1-877-224-2062 or email us at info@docmsvs.com


  • Our Credit Monitoring program is a valued tool that you may use to help protect yourself against the growing risk of identity theft and financial fraud. Your 24/7 Credit Monitoring alerts keep you aware of any changes in your credit report, and provide you customized information about how those items could affect your score.


  • We at DMS provide you the advice, tools and knowledge to help implement fruitful financial practices today, for a better tomorrow.

Our Team

We know the difficulties and stress that moments like this bring, that’s why we are here for you!

Here at DMS we are proud to work alongside qualified and experienced legal professionals from across the nation. We take the time to make sure that you understand the process and feel comfortable, so that you not only resolve your situations but also move forward towards a more stable and healthy financial future.

You can rely upon our team to meet all your needs, from a simple question to a complex issue.

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